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Net Chaser Active Remote


The AR104 Active remoe can be added to the Net Chaser to enable BER testing for Gigabit certification. Each AR104 has a user selectable ID #1-4 which allows multiple active remotes to be used with the NC950 main unit thus increasing test workflow and port identification.

T3 Net chaser Active remote User Select # 1-4

£380.00 Ex VAT (Each) £456.00 Inc VAT

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Net Chaser Kit Inc Active Remote


The Net Chaser™ Ethernet Speed Certifier offers a complete solution to test and speed certify the data-carrying capabilities of Ethernet network cables up to 1 Gb/s by testing for noise in the network, detecting faults in the cable wiring, and ensuring that cables are able to support the speed capabilities of active equipment.
The Active remote is used for Bit Error rate (BER) tests by sending data packets down the cable runs at defined data rates to check for errors at the maximum throughput of the link. The Net Chaser reports on signal quality that can impact high speed data transmission by measuring signal to noise ratio (SNR). Skew measurements report on the signal delay between the pairs which can impact Gigabit data transmission. Finally the Net Chaser provides wiremap testing and detects opens, shorts, misswires, split pairs, reversals and high resistance faults while accuratly measuring distance to faults and total cable length.

Physical Features
3.5" Colour Touchscreen
3rd Gen rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries
SD card for Data File Transfer
Field upgradeable firmware

Speed Certification to IEEE standards 802.3
Cable testing to TIA568A/B

The NetChaser’s advanced discovery gives the clearest vision of network layout and interfaces between active components like servers, switches, routers, etc. All the information is collected, stored, and ready for reporting. 21st century speed certification.

Network Configuration Features
Active Ethernet (Link capability & Link Status)
Detects PoE/PoE+ and load tests for voltage drop
IPV4 Support (IPV6 avaliable late 2014)
VLAN discovery
Pings specific IPs or URL addresses
Ping upto 10 adresses at a time
Link Light
Discovers CDP & LLDP Protocols

Kit comprises of:
Net Chaser main Unit
Active Remote
4GB SD Card
Micro USB
#1 Testing Network Remote
Network & Coax ID remotes ser #1-5
Network patch cables
Sacrificial Cables
T3 Hanging Strap and Clip
Large T3 Soft carry case

T3 Net Chaser With Active Remote Kit

Incl Soft case .

£2285.00 Ex VAT (Each) £2,742.00 Inc VAT

Stock Code: NC950-AR

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