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Wall Plates, Modules & Jacks

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  • Astute Wallplates, Modules & Jacks Title: Astute Wallplates, Modules & Jacks
    Image Link:manufacturer_astute_4
    Competitively priced range of Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a modules and snap in jacks in UTP or shielded versions for wall plate, floor box LJ6, or modular panel applications. One piece punch down modules or snap in jacks with punch down or tool-less cable termination. Wall plates and modules in white with some variants in black.
  • Nexans Wallplates, Modules & Jacks Title: Nexans Wallplates, Modules & Jacks
    Image Link:manufacturer_nexans_4
    Choose from the entry level Essential range in Cat5e or Cat6 UTP with one piece punch down modules or the high performance LANmark range with snap in “tool-less” jacks in Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7a and Cat8.
  • Panduit NetKey Wallplates, Modules & Jacks Title: Panduit NetKey Wallplates, Modules & Jacks
    Image Link:manufacturer_panduit_netkey_4
    Panduit’s entry level Netkey range in UTP Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a. Modular design allows for “tool-less” or punch down 110 jacks to be used in both panel & wall plate, LJ6C floor box modules or surface mount boxes. 15 year system warranty available when installed by an approved Panduit partner. A range of Netkey audio visual modules and accessories is also available to compliment the range.
  • Panduit Mini-Com Wallplates, Modules & Jacks Title: Panduit Mini-Com Wallplates, Modules & Jacks
    Image Link:manufacturer_panduit_minicom_4
    Panduit’s high performance Mini-Com range in Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and Cat8. Modular design accepts various coloured snap in “tool-less” jacks (for port colour coding) and AV and fibre couplers/jacks for multimedia applications.
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