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Panduit Smartzone Environmental Monitoring

Panduit Smart Zone

With the rapid and expansive growth of networked communications across the data centre, enterprise and factory floor each point of connection with the physical infrastructure becomes mission critical. Often, professionals minimise the importance of a strong physical infrastructure and the role it plays in risk mitigation, especially when network failures are no longer isolated to individual systems but affect multiple parts of the business.

SmartZone™ Solutions

Panduit SmartZone™ Solutions are a suite of data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions designed to help you manage risk and change within the physical infrastructure by providing real-time data on the status of power, cooling, connectivity, security and environment from the enterprise to individual devices in data centre or enterprise cabinet applications. Panduit also support small Data Centres with SmartZone Rack Energy Kits. This is a DCIM solution specifically designed to provide cost-effective power and environmental monitoring for small data centre environments with 30 or fewer racks and cabinets.

6 Zone™ Methodology

At the foundation of Panduit SmartZone™ Solutions is the 6 Zone™ Methodology which clearly defines areas, called “zones,” from the entry point of utilities into the building through power distribution systems and to the individual devices and assets in data centre cabinets.

This holistic view provides IT and facilities professionals with accurate and actionable data. This visibility aids in the understanding of the interdependencies among power, cooling, security, connectivity, and environment systems across the zones and provides IT and facilities professionals with insight to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and mitigate risks to the business while keeping pace with ever-changing technology innovations.

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