Intelligent Remote Power Socket

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Intelligent Remote Power Socket


The GSM Power Socket not only gives you the ability to remotely turn on/off the power but it can also be pre-set via temperature thresholds to ensure equipment is turned off should the temperature become potentially harmful to the hardware.

The additional plug in temperature sensor also allows you to ascertain the temperature in a remote location by sending a SMS message.

-Save Energy and reduce carbon footprint by turning off devices when not needed.
-Turn off/on socket with a single SMS message
-Program socket via day/time by a single SMS message
-Program socket via temperature thresholds through temperature sensor
-Receive an SMS message within seconds if power is lost
-Receive an SMS message when power is restored
-Request a temperature reading via SMS

Tekview Intelligent GSM Power Socket

£108.90 Ex VAT (Each) £130.68 Inc VAT

Stock Code: IRPS1363

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