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Socomec, Innovative Power Solutions:

Since its foundation more than 90 years ago, Socomec continues to design and manufacture it's core products in Europe. As an independent manufacturer Socomec is committed to constant innovation to improve the energy performance of electrical installations in infrastructures as well as industrial and commercial sites. Socomec are committed to developing cutting edge technologies, providing solutions that are adapted to customer requirements and fully in keeping with international standards. The Socomec Diris Digiware range is a prime example of this commitment to cutting edge technology.

From single circuit energy meters right through to the multi-circuit modular Digiware solution, Socomec have a complete range of for metering, monitoring and power quality Solution to fit your requirement.

The Socomec range makes it possible to:

  • • Measure power consumption, identify sources of excess consumption and raise occupant awareness
  • • Limit reactive energy and prevent associated tariff penalties
  • • Use the best tariffs, check supplier invoicing and accurately distribute energy bills amongst consumer entities
  • • Check power quality from the grid, monitor, store and analyse power quality events
  • • Improving the energy performance of buildings and installations with a complete range of for metering, monitoring and power quality. Manufactured by specialists in electrical energy measurement.

Socomec's Digiware services include:

  • • Site survey and personalised recommendations
  • • Metering system co-design
  • • Installation and commissioning handled by experts
  • • Customised training

Why choose Socomec?

From single circuit energy meters right through to multi circuit modular Digiware, Socomec have a complete range of for metering, monitoring and power quality solution to fit your requirement

A leader in power & energy management

  • • With DIRIS Digiware Socomec, COUNTIS E, and DIRIS A, Socomec has developed one of the most advanced multifunctional measurement ranges on the market, dedicated to improving your energy performance

A monitoring device specialist

From a single circuit to multi circuit measurements, single and multi- site requirements, Socomec can offer real time monitoring and alert users in case of any power anomalies.

Ranges that combine performance & quality

  • • The DIRIS A and DIRIS Digiware ranges are compliant with the latest IEC 61557-12 standard dedicated to multi measurement devices. The COUNTIS E range complies with the requirements of the latest MID directive (B+D module)

Socomec's most popular products:

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